Tracking Devices

GPS LIVE TRACKING services are not tied to certain tracking devices.
Depending on your requirements we offer you a variety of tracking devices that can mainly be devided into two calsses:

Satellite Tracker

Do you travel abroad, are you often off the grid and is a long battery life crucial for you?
Then satellite trackers are your choice. Thanks to 100% satellite technology, the devices can be used wordwide without unpredictable roaming charges. Also 7 days non top tracking isn't a problem with these trackers.

  • Satellite technology
  • worldwide coverage
  • long battery life
  • no SIM card
  • no roaming charges
  • pocket sized
  • rugged and waterproof

GSM Tracker

Detailled tracking and small tracking intervals are of the utmost importance to you and cellular coverage is not an issue? In this case, we recommed our GSM trackers.

  • all over Europe always the best cellular network
  • one tariff all over Europe thanks to multi SIM card
  • short tracking intervals (min 5 Sek)
  • good battery life
  • transmission of telemetric data
  • no data loss thanks to internal storage